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"I've been going to Healing Grounds Center since it opened. I LOVE IT! They offer so much for your well-being. They offer Yoga, Pilates, Facials, Massage, and fantastic hair care. I've had nothing but great experiences. They will make sure you are happy with the services. They care for you as a person, not just a client. Try them out, you'll love it." 

— Linda F.

"Healing grounds Center is awesome! I have been going there to work out for over 1 year. I go to Pilates, Barre, and Yoga. All of the instructors are amazing! All of the instructors take their time to show beginners or give reminders of techniques and modifications. All of the instructors are very knowledgeable and take the time to help everyone. I have previously attended other studios to take Pilates, and Healing Grounds is an exceptional studio! They also have special events like Aromatherapy Yoga with an acupuncturist and yoga instructor that uses essential oils. I love Healing Grounds and would highly recommend it!"

— Stephanie S.

"I've been doing Pilates here for almost 2 years with Carli. The difference it has made in the health of my back is amazing. It is a wonderful environment, and she is incredibly supportive and encouraging."

— Nancy M.

"Healing Grounds is a special place. Carli and her talented team are genuinely interested in the well-being of their customers. I first reached out to Carli for Pilates lessons and have since used their hair salon and acupuncture services as well. Everything is top-notch. A special place ... special people."

— Julie T.​

"I absolutely LOVE coming out to Healing grounds Center! The stylists are very talented and friendly. The atmosphere is extremely relaxing and you truly feel pampered. I got my hair done here for prom 3 or 4 years ago and I still have people comment on how amazing it looked. They styled it exactly the way I wanted and it held that entire day, that night, and even looked great the next day! I'm very picky when it comes to my cut and color. Yet, I haven't ever left the salon feeling unsatisfied with my hair. The stylists are very creative and willing to help you come up with fun ideas for cuts or colors, as well. I highly recommend this salon and can't wait for my next appointment!"

— Brittany P.


"I was given a gift certificate to Healing Grounds & had never been there before. Scheduled a facial with Carli and just got home from that appointment. AMAZING!!! Hands down the best facial I've ever had. VERY therapeutic, relaxing & rejuvenating. My skin looks & feels flawless! I typically wear foundation and all that jazz....after this facial I only put on my mascara & lipgloss...that's how great my skin looks! Thank you so much Carli! HIGHLY recommended!"

— Jessica R.



"Carli and her team did a beautiful job with my bridesmaids/moms hair and makeup for our wedding!! Carli helped guide me when creating a timeline to coordinate the morning of & their prices are very reasonable even with coming on-site to Grand Geneva the morning of the wedding! Thank you for allowing us such a relaxing morning that day by coming to us (really this is the way to go) and helping all of the girls feel so gorgeous that day!!"

— Taylor D.

"Carli and her crew at Healing Grounds Center knocked the ball out if he park when they did hair and makeup for our wedding. I had 13 bridesmaids and 2 flower girls. Not to mention everyone loved their hair and their makeup and they were extremely organized when it came to pricing for each girl. They were a blast to work with. Asked to look at pictures of hair styles my girls liked and matched them to the best of their ability. On top of that I had 3-4 hair and makeup sessions with Carli. I don’t wear a lot of makeup so I wanted it to look the best it could for my big day but also still looking like me. She took so much time out of her schedule to help me and make me feel so comfortable going into my big day. I loved my hair and my makeup and got a million compliments. She’s an artist that’s for sure! I highly recommend using Healing Grounds for your big day! It’s the best decision you could make!"

— Krista E.


"Samantha is absolutely amazing! Not only does she work on any ailments or requests I come in with, she also spends time talking to me about everything else in my life that might have an impact on my physical and emotional body. Every time I walk out of there I feel rejuvenated and light. I highly recommend Healing Grounds Center to everyone!"

— Savanna H.

"Samantha is wonderful. I was hesitant to try acupuncture after being diagnosed with MS a year ago, but I now believe it is one of the best health decisions I have made for myself. It has eliminated my night sweats, increase my energy levels, and decreased my lingering numbness from my relapse a year ago. I feel as though Sam really cares about not only my physical health, but also my mental and spiritual well-being as well."

— Jennifer J.

"I have Gulf War Illness and due to my illness it's very hard for me to walk around without pain. Since I have received treatment from Sam, I have been feeling a bit better! Sam has taken the time to look into Gulf War Illness (GWI) and that says a lot about her character!! I would recommend this to all my friends that have any type of pain. I have learned so much from Sam and I just want to say thank you!!!"

— Marty W.


"I started going to Samantha for my migraines and hormones originally. Since then she has helped me with my B6 toxicity, and my low back issues. She has helped me so much with all of my issues. I'm going about 60 days in between migraines which is amazing.  I really feel balanced out and I have more energy. I can't say enough great things about acupuncture and Sam. Sam is one of the sweetest!  She is so passionate about what she does and listens to all your needs. I definitely recommend her and give acupuncture a try you will not regret it!"

— C.G.

"I suffered from hormonal migraines for years.  I worked with a neurologist to control the pain with various medications, but they came with unwanted side effects.  I was desperate to find something to prevent my migraines so I tried acupuncture.  I found Healing Grounds Center and met with Samantha who made me feel comfortable and confidant about trying a new option.  Within a few weeks of treatment, my migraines lessened in quantity and severity.  Within a few months, acupuncture not only helped prevent my migraines, I noticed it also had other benefits such as improving my sleep, energy level, stress, and digestion.  Acupuncture treatment has dramatically improved the quality of my life."

— M.H.


"Sam is absolutely amazing!!! I had a serious sinus infection that would not budge, nothing that the doctor was trying was working.  I made an appointment with Sam and within days I was feeling much better! Sam is skilled and compassionate and makes you feel like you are her only patient.  I highly recommend Sam for acupuncture/herb therapy."

— M.B.


"I'm a lifelong runner and when chronic pain became a part of my life, I knew I needed to be proactive about it. I struggled daily for years trying various pain medications, but they were of no use and came with unwanted side effects. Then I heard about Healing Grounds Center and decided to give it a try although I was quite skeptical. To my surprise, the weekly treatments began to bring me some relief from my intense nerve pain and unbearable burning sensations. I cannot say enough good things about acupuncturist Samantha. She is extremely knowledgeable, incredibly talented and so caring from the moment you meet her. She immediately made me feel comfortable and thoroughly explained how acupuncture works to help bring healing to the body. I highly recommend Samantha and Healing Grounds Center to anyone who is tired of battling chronic pain. You don't have to keep living like that. Give acupuncture a try and you will be amazed at how this traditional Chinese medicine can help bring healing to your body and improve your quality of life."

— A.C.


“Acupuncture was always something that I wanted to explore, though I never could find a “reason” to give it a try.  However, during my first pregnancy, Samantha and I discussed ways she could help me prepare for labor with acupuncture.  I believe my time with her aided in a smooth, natural delivery.  Then, when my husband and I were trying to get pregnant for the second time, Samantha assisted me in balancing my hormones with acupuncture to allow us to successfully conceive!  I can’t thank her enough for all of her help and plan to continue to use her services in the future."

— S.H.


"I started coming to Healing Grounds Center after I had surgery on my foot. When I returned to work my knees bothered me so much. (I get in and out of a truck 30-40 times a day).After my first treatment for knee pain I felt relief immediately. Sam never promised me any miracles, just less pain and a better quality of life, but I would still need to have a knee replacement. My doctors and therapists all encourage me to do acupuncture since it helps. Sam cares about what they say or suggest. Ive had other issues with sinuses, vertigo, nose bleeds, back pain, arthritis, bladder health and stress and have found relief from acupuncture too. It may not work for everyone, but for me it's a miracle. It lets me live a life with less pain with no side effects."

— F.A.


"I met Sam in the fall of 2016 during a transition off of my depression medications. From the first minute I met her, I instantly felt safe and secure. She welcomed me with open arms and helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life with acupuncture and herbs. She is incredibly compassionate, motivational and spiritual which helped guide me to become a healthier version of myself (I didn’t know was in me) and I couldn’t have done it without her help. I am now 7 months free of pharmaceuticals, happy and still love my acupuncture treatments with Sam. She has gained a life-long client for sure!"

— K.Q.

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