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Welcome to the BALANCE Program, where our team of holistic-minded pilates, yoga, and wellness professionals are ready to serve as your companion on your journey to feeling whole, happy, and confident!

If you are new to our space you'll need to set up an intro session before you can take our Pilates classes. Click on the link below.

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The BALANCE program is a physical movement plan. It was designed to support and assist the body in healing through movement. The focus of our studio is founded on the foundation of Pilates. We help students become aware of their bodies and teach them to have a good understanding of body mechanics. This focus ensures the safety and most importantly specific modifications for each student's individual needs. You will feel supported and at your best when having optimal body movement, core strength, flexibility, and energy. We use these movement practices and equipment to find a connection in the wisdom of the body with the mind. We partner with other practitioners in our space, so each program and package offers wellness reward services that will help to support you along the way, including nutrition, massage, acupuncture, and salon services.


Find your true path of health, healing, and BALANCE. Interested in signing up? 

Please give us a call at 262-586-0199

or use the link below.

Who Is It For?

The BALANCE Program is for those looking to create a holistic lifestyle and achieve their wellness goals! We have qualified instructors to help clients with chronic pain and joint stress, clients looking to prevent osteoporosis, anyone living with Multiple Sclerosis or Scoliosis, those suffering from stress and back pain, and anyone looking to lose weight and gain energy. Our classes are structured for all ability levels — Our instructors provide modifications to help you increase or decrease intensity levels during classes, in order to provide optimal movement and balance.

Getting Started

We start all new clients out with a private INTRO studio session and Intention Intake form before getting started with our studio classes. This session helps us to get to know you and understand what your wellness goals are so that we can help you choose the best program and classes for YOU!

  • Your private INTRO studio session includes: An introduction to our studio space + Pilates equipment, health history, pain concerns, postural assessment focusing on individual alignment, determine any misalignments and bring awareness to postural adjustments that will support proper alignment during classes, students will work for 30-40 min with movement and learn tools and cues to help in future classes.​​

  • During your session, we will also go over our BALANCE Program options and guide you to the package that is best for you and your lifestyle (number of classes per week, physical abilities, financial considerations, and motivational support) which will ultimately help you to be the most successful in achieving your goals. 

  • Our qualified team is here to keep you accountable and inspired as you establish new habits and lifestyle changes through our classes, workshops, and our BALANCE Rewards program.

We welcome you to schedule a complimentary phone consult

with any one of our instructors to discuss your specific needs and/or questions!  

Please call 262.586.0199 to set up your consult.



Ready to start new rhythms and get introduced to Pilates? The Balance Reset is perfect for those who want to jump in and see if pilates is a good fit for them, with the perfect short-term start! Most members who start here upgrade their membership after their first month is up!

Call 262-586-0199 

Couple Yoga



Is it time to experience a shift in your life? Balance Renew is the perfect committment to show yourself just how powerful it is to show up for yourself consistently. This six-month program has fun perks and benefits to help reward yourself for making the best type of commitment - the one you make for yourself.

Call 262-586-0199

Yoga Practice



Need to realign and refocus? Commit to yourself to finish what you start! Three months of classes helps get you into a regular routine, and to begin to see the benefits of consistent movement. The Balance Refocus is great for those who want to restart their wellness journey, especially at the changing of seasons like at the beginning of the year or the summer!

Call 262-586-0199

Pilates Practice at the Studio



Once you find something that works, you stick to it! Your Balance membership is an unlimited twelve-month program, that fits your schedule. With an unlimited number of class passes, you're able to try different types, and get priority class registration. 

Call 262-586-0199

Studio Classes


We offer a variety of studio classes for all levels and abilities to get you moving.

We are also one of the only equipped Pilates Studios in SE Wisconsin!

Check out all of the classes offered at Healing Grounds Studio:

  • Equipped Pilates and Mat Pilates

  • Yoga for flexibility, strength, and detoxification 

  • Tone up with weights and high-energy cardio classes

  • Barre combines elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates for low-impact, high-intensity movement

  • Inspiring soul-care workshops — the focus is on the mind, body, and soul 


Looking To Go Deeper?

For those who want to take their workouts or yoga practice to the next level, we offer private studio sessions and packages!

Add on a private package to your

BALANCE package, or simply sign up for a private session package after you complete your INTRO Studio Session.

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