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​The Healing Grounds Center offers many styles of massage therapy.

Select the one that meets your needs. If in doubt, start with a Swedish massage
and talk to your therapist about other styles you're interested in.

NOTE: All prices are subject to change. Packages are non-transferable

between clients or family members. To schedule, please
call 262-586-0199 or use the drop-down menu below.

Image by Toa Heftiba

Call 262.586.0199


​Let go of today’s worries as you accept the healing power of massage. Using smooth & gliding strokes, this massage is customized to your needs but uses gentle pressure to aid in relaxation. This classic massage will rebalance your body as stresses and tensions are released from both body and mind.

25 min: $50  |  50 min: $75  |  80 min: $105

Save 10% with a package!


Specifically targeting areas of most stress, this massage reaches your deepest layers of muscle. Therapeutic pressure is used to release tension and knots. Stretches may also be performed during the massage to help increase range of motion and flexibility. Deep tissue work is not recommended for a first-time massage due to the intensity of the session. 

25 min: $55  |  50 min: $85  |  80 min: $115

Save 10% with a package!

Upper Back Massage.jpeg

Call 262.586.0199


Melt your cares away with this Hot Stone massage. Allow the heat from the stones to radiate deep into your body and relieve your tension. This service will greatly increase circulation and ease muscle stiffness.

50 min: $95  |  80 min: $125

Save 10% with a package!

Hot Stone Massage-2.jpg

Call 262.586.0199

Aromatherapy Oil-2.jpg


Upgrade and personalize your massage appointment by selecting an

Add On that best suits your needs. Each of these luxurious options 

can be added to any massage appointment if availability allows.

  • Aromatherapy $10

  • Hot Stones to the back $10

  • Myofascial Release $10 *Only available with select therapists.

  • CBD Ointment $10

  • Collagen Treatment $35

  • Organic paraffin alternative Hands AND feet $15

  • Organic paraffin alternative Hands OR feet $10

  • Silicone Cupping $22.50

  • Warm Scalp Treatment $10

  • Upgrade to 80 min massage for $30 *Upon availability

  • Aroma on Point $15 *with Marie only

  • Stimulating Scalp Treatment $10

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